Asbestos Services

Entek provides a full service of asbestos consulting from building inspections, development of Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Management Plans, development of abatement specifications for bidding documents, onsite project management, air sampling, and training.

Asbestos Services Provided:

  • US EPA AHERA Inspections for School Districts
  • Three Year Reinspections for Asbestos for AHERA Compliance
  • Inspections for Renovation and Demolition for EPA NESHAP & AQMD/APCD Compliance
  • Abatement Specifications for Bidding Documents
  • Onsite Project Management during Asbestos Abatement
  • Air Sampling
  • NOA Health & Safety Plans
  • NOA Air Sampling Plans
  • Training for Asbestos Including 2-hour Class IV, 8-hour Class II, 4-8 hour Class III, 16-hour Class III, LEA Designee for School Districts, & 2-hour NOA Training
  • Expert Witness Support for Legal Cases